Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rules for Radicals....

Righto, haven’t blogged much lately, but now I’m on a run. We’re working on the Top 20 Required Reading for Young Activists list. We’re breaking it up into philosophy, basic classics, gay, lesbian and trans categories.
For now, start with a basic -- Saul Alinsky’s classic, “Rules for Radicals.” It’s small, in paperback, cheapo. Alinsky was The Man in early 70s community organizing and Obama and I both carried the Rules in our back pockets. In 1972 I did my Masters in Social Work at UCLA and wrote my thesis on, “The Organized Lesbian Community of L.A.” The professor gave me a “C” saying, “I don’t believe this exists, but I’ll pass you because I know you’re going to create it. Nice try.”
Alinsky was our guideposts at UCLA School of Social Work for both Chicano and Black Student Alliances, whites too!
So here's a question: Anyone know who Del Martinez is (besides the President of the UCLA Chicano Alliance back in my day)?
That’s the pop-history question of the day. (no googling!)
A GenderPlay t-shirt will be awarded to whoever knows!


Angela B said...

One Founder of Connexxus

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

Great photos and this blog is wonderful. We'll have to get the word out about this new gem.