Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bird Watching at the Dinah Shore - a sociopolitical field trip

I used to go to the Dinah Shore lez-forget-about-the-golf weekend in Palm Springs way back in the 80s, before it became the largest lesbian hang in California. I thought I’d seen it all. But a new young friend told me, “It’s waaaay different now, ya gotta stay relevant. Check it out!”
So I dragged me and my blog-mate, Lily B. Wit, out to Palm Springs to see what the gen X, eGen, queer, lipstick forever, whatev, young lezbianas (that’s the Latina plural for lesbians) are doing these days.

The sun was shining but the wind-chill at Club Skirts on Sunday was bold enough to make a thousand nipples stand out. That didn’t bother the huge crowd hanging at the pool, half naked and bouncing, listening to “Betty” sing their theme song from The L Word. The trio – Alison, Amy & Elizabeth -- also has a new song, “Did You Tell Her?” with lyrics about things you don’t want to tell your lover.

But me, I was checking out the dozens of hairdo’s the young lesbians were sporting. For butches, futches and bois wearing shirts that hung to their knees, I could see that their pride was their HAIR. And for the ladies, femmes, and the feminine – HAIR has always been god.
And no-one wanted to mess up their hair by jumping into the pool.

So I went. I saw. I took photos.

And here’s a look at ........... HAIR AT THE DINAH

Photography by Lynn H. Ballen

Next week's post… tune in for “What’s in a name?” – I’ll explain all the new L-words that different generations are using to describe ourselves.