Friday, February 15, 2008

Jeanne Córdova and The Lesbian Tide

The Lesbian Tide
Jeanne Cordova, lesbian feminist activist and organizer, was the founder of The Lesbian Tide magazine in 1971. Cordova was one of twelve children born in Germany to a culturally conservative Catholic family. After coming to the US with her family, she attended Catholic High School, where she was involved in sports and the student body organization. After graduating, she entered the convent, fulfilling the desire she had from the age of seven to be a nun. Her exposure to poverty, homosexuality, drugs and the peace movement during her work in the convent led her to seek a career in social work. After leaving the convent and getting her BA in social work in 1970, Cordova became involved in the gay rights movement. She was active in the Gay Liberation Front, Lesbian Feminists, Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), and the Crenshaw Women's Center and was one of the organizers of the first Gay Women's West Coast Conference.

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